Oh I have a bunch of quilts I have still not put here, why am I so bad at sharing my work?

I do know the answer to that, it’s because I can just whack it on Instagram and call it done because I’m busy with a lot of other stuff. Maybe I’ll change that, but if I don’t that’s okay.

Recently, I’ve had problems with tiredness and soreness and trapped nerves and stiffness and general blehness. A couple of months ago I decided to see what would happen if I ran my body off my own natural hormones instead of being artificially regulated by the pill and I honestly feel a whole lot better. I mean, I didn’t at first, I had lots of pain and bloating (I even thought I had appendicitis at one point) but now? I FEEL AWESOME. I don’t need to nap as much, I don’t feel dull, I feel like I can actually enjoy the little things.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever felt real contentment before until yesterday. I know that seems a weird thing to say, and a clich√© since it was Canadian Thanksgiving, but it felt like a new-to-me emotion. I was sat in bed knitting an old WIP and watching Mindhunter with a cup of tea and I just felt aware of being happy. Later, I went to my sewing room and the feeling intensified.

I’m currently making a billionty part online course (okay yes I exaggerated, but it is going to be about 25 videos I think) and I created a shoddy studio set up complete with a Tesco bag and gaffer tape so I could film to camera with an overhead view at the same time and then edit the cuts between the two. This is what it looks like:

But it works really well and I am very proud of how it’s working out. That was one of the influential factors. The other is that I’m preparing to make a couple more Squiffy bags (I sold a bag on Etsy last week and I want to replace my worn out bag- both are incidentally Carter bags) and a H2O To Go bag and I just have most of the stuff. My room and stash really fits me and my work, and I love it. I really appreciate what I have. I just need a bit more time but that’s the one thing that you can’t stash.

Other reasons to be cheerful…

  • My husband, home and dog are awesome.
  • My hip has stopped hurting, simply by putting our Ikea mattress back on the bed and getting rid of the Endy.
  • There are only three modules left before I finish my college course (one of which starts next week)
  • I’m well into a debt free journey, and I paid off a $8200 credit card a couple of weeks ago. I started in January. It feels good to watch the numbers go down. I feel like I’m finally achieving something for me. Someone bought my most expensive quilt in my Etsy shop yesterday (Singularity – more info on the quilt in this post)
  • My quilt patterns continue to gather popularity, and I’ve started listing them on Quilt Pattern Mart.
  • I want more time, so I’ve given myself the gift of time for my birthday. I’ve booked the week before Christmas off work to just sew, read, do whatever projects I want to work on, etc.

So yeah, I may be crap at updating my blog, and reading other people’s blogs and the news cycle is more than depressing it’s infuriating, and yes I don’t always want to go to work in the morning, I want to stay and sew, but things are good!

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