My Free English Paper Piecing class

Oops, didn’t mean to disappear for several months…. that’s the longest break since starting this blog TWELVE years ago.

I am behind on showing my makes, and I am not sure why it’s such an effort but I have several more quilts, including my latest animal portrait. I’m still writing posts for other people, so I guess it’s a bit like – stereotype alert – cleaners have the messiest houses and gardeners have the worst gardens, if you already produce content for others, or you have marketing as your day job, you’re not going to want to do that for yourself in your down time.

Another neglected platform of mine is my YouTube channel, but after a call from Nancy who I used to work with, I decided to release all of the stuff I usually teach in my real life English Paper Piecing class for free. There’s some changes coming up for me so I’m not entirely sure when or if I’ll be teaching again, so why not?

I have three basting methods, including a glue basting method that’s way less gluey than some others do it, to make papers easier to remove. I’ve also got a couple of stitches to show you for joining your pieces and general tips including how to tie an easy knot on your thread both for left and right handers.

Here’s the video series, I hope it’s useful! I’ve recorded another long format video and will be sharing that very soon too. Not so long next time, hey?

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