A knitting update!

A lot has been knitted since June and my first class! I frogged the seed stitch scarf in the end, but I have got a back and a front panel done of a five panel cardigan. It’s a bit boring though so I have been working on a few other things!

I went to my cabling class I mentioned, and made this:

Then I went to a couple more classes – colourwork and finishing techniques, and I made this hat (my first time in the round):

Daily Grind Hat

After that I made my first pair of socks which were set aside for a while but they’re done now (and kinda wide but that’s OK):

Rye Light Socks

I learned magic loop in a class too which is the only way I work in the round now (sorry DPNs) and made a bunch of these cuffs:

And I made these for Alex for Christmas and he has only taken them off to be washed this week:

Knit Freedom’s Top-Down Magic Loop Socks in Worsted Weight

Now I’ve made a start on the Virgil tee but I think I’m going to move to smaller needles as I don’t like the weave on this (might be because it’s such a smooth yarn). I only did a half swatch which was probably risky, but continuing on.

And I finished the hat at the top of the post today! It’s a pattern test and is supposed to have ladderback jacquard on the inside, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it with pictures alone (and the video I saw contradicted the instructions and I got lost) so it’s not as great as it should be but I got it done in 3 1/2 days which is pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!

There’s a few quilts that have been made and published, so I should share those very soon and then finalize my 2019 quilts list, onwards to 2020!

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