Under $100 Art Show

Hello, I’m still here! What a few weeks it has been – I’ve been busy at work, I’ve been doing a night class, I’ve had some issues with illness and palpitations and I’ve been making stock for a show I’m about to tell you about! So this website and blog and Youtube channel have been a bit neglected, I have magazine coverage and finishes and all sorts to post about and just haven’t. 

So anyway I do need to update you all on a show if you are local to Calgary. The Under $100 Art Show is running December 5-8. Last year’s attracted 5000 visitors and there’s just over 100 artists taking part. I’m thrilled I got selected, as there were more people who were rejected than let in.

I’m selling pieces at a loss in hopes that I may get a couple of commissions out if it, but it has been kind of enjoyable making all the dowel hangers and creating new tags. I made some prints too, they have come out a bit dark, but I know what to change for next time.

This series of Little Originals (I’m aiming for 12 finished!) will be on sale for $95 CAD each, and available as matching pairs. After the show if there are any left, they will go up to $225 CAD and put into my Etsy shop.

These are 18 1/2 inches square, based off designs I already had plans or I have made before and machine bound with Kona Pepper for quickness. I’ve also signed them in permanent marker on the front, first time I’ve done that. They have corner pockets that the dowel goes into, which is better hung from two hooks, but I’ve added a piece of twine to it so it can hang from one for ease when pulling things out to hang in the show and replenish.

Also one of the conditions of the show is you have to have a big piece. It was kind of painful for me, but I have chosen Bearnadette to be my large piece. This will be a complete and utter bargain for someone. I will also have two other quilts between this size and the Little Originals – 2 and my rejected fawn quilt I made for my book originally before switching it out. I have three sleeves to sew on and I wish that I didn’t have to do those by hand!

Other than prints, I’ve also been working on some small embroideries based on my Paint By Number patterns using my free motion foot as cheaper priced items. These will be $18 each.

I may have a couple of Raccoon faces framed, plus I have two Little Original Himalayan cats to finish and two horses to start. Sunday is my deadline! I think I can do it.

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