Dressmaking Gone Good!

This time I succeeded with my Yoyo Dress, behold my magnificent sock photos in my #honestkitchen! I made it in a heavier, non-slidy fabric (possibly a linen blend) and I’ve worn it about five times already as a pinafore with a shirt underneath for work and got lots of compliments and people wanting to know where I bought my dress. I chose nothing use a fabric that required pattern matching either and it’s made to the same pattern mods I made for my failed version:

Next, I mostly made the YoYo Dress from Papercut Patterns. These instructions are a little less comprehensive (meaning I had to think about how and when I was going to finish my seams and what direction to press the darts, etc), and I had to shorten the back 3/4″ and taper from a small bust and hip to between medium and large on the waist. Because it relies on a certain length separating zipper and I shortened the back, I also had to lengthen the dress from the bottom of the skirt area to make up for it. I actually lengthened it two inches and then changed the front split accordingly because I like my dresses to sit a little longer anyway.

That extra length and the way I throw my legs about on a daily basis means I have had to make a couple repairs where I’ve started to pull the zipper tabs out at the bottom of the seam. I’ve actually reinforced with glue now, shhhh, it worked! I love the length though, and also the fit in general is quite flattering.


Next up on the success train (woo woo!) is my newest make, the Beignet Skirt from Colette Patterns. This may look simple but it is deceptive as it has about 400 pattern pieces. OK I’m exaggerating, but don’t underestimate it- it has a lining, it has six belt loops and a facing for the waistband and the placket, plus it’s made in panels.

I made it from discounted Fabricland finds, even the buttons were in the closing down sale. I cut a straight 12 for a 33 waist and 40 hip which worked well, despite the finished waist on the pattern saying it would be 32″. It fits close but still plenty of room for sitting down in without feeling constricted. I reduced the length by about an inch and a button to allow for me being 5″ shorter than the model and I didn’t want it below the knee. It sits nicely just skimming the top of my knee. It is a light, printed canvas with a polyester lining.

Buttons are wood. I wanted orange plastic ones but there just weren’t enough in stock everywhere I went. It’s hard when you need at least 11 buttons! All three of my machines were made in the construction and it is entirely serged inside. Making buttonholes is scary on a cheapo Walmart sewing machine because the little lever thingy doesn’t always like to stay against the buttonhole foot, so you’re living dangerously using it on the last step.

I like that the pattern tells you when and where to edge finish. I changed the belt loops though as I couldn’t get the ones in the pattern to turn right side out. AND IT HAS POCKETS TOO.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning about a month back thinking about a button down skirt from this fabric, and I bought the pattern and sent it to Sew YYC to print before going back to bed. I’m glad I actually got round to making it over a couple of mornings and evenings. I’m probably not going to make another one (though I do like the grey with black buttons in the pattern photos) as it was a lot of work! Glad I did it though.

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