A Finish: Vive Le Retriever!

Happy international dog day!

I realised that I needed to increase the number of pet quilts I’ve made for the purpose of attracting future commissions, and so what better breed than one of the world’s most popular dogs, the Labrador Retriever?

And then as I built it the way I normally do, it morphed from a pretty standard photograph to an almost propaganda poster style, and the name was born!

I was burying the threads and then I had a thought about leaving the threads out around the whisker area (where there were lots – four for every whisker pore). Instagram agreed and so I’ve left them there as a little 3D design feature! The edges are faced, as I do quite regularly and he also has prewashed shoe canvas inside for extra weight.

Size –  40″ x 45″
Number of blocks – n/a
Time to make – About 15 hours.
Fabric – There’s some Carolyn Friedlander from my last quilt (it also features in my next quilt), blenders, a panel that mimicked painting with different yellowy cream shades and the wonderful background fabric is from Quantum by Guicy Guice. I love dark green right now.
Binding Fabric – Faced with muslin.
Backing – Just more of that muslin, it’s a wall quilt after all.
Threads – Back is all Decobob, front piecing a mixture of stuff, but mostly I used some yellow Gutermann and I think I’ll stick to Isacord from now on as it breaks in my machine.
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom, plus a layer of canvas
Quilting- Natural free motion quilting, background quilted by following lines on the background print at random.

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