A finish: Baby Murray’s baby quilt

I haven’t named this quilt (I have a great name for one of my next quilts, don’t you worry), but I can tell you a bit about it.

I work with a lady, who left on maternity leave at the end of last week. Her leaving date was brought forward by about a month in total for various reasons, and so my initial plan of making an Elizabeth Hartman pattern needed quickly escalating time-wise, and with other things going on, I made the decision that I needed something that could be created without studying a pattern and excessive cutting lists just to meet the deadline.

In came one of Krista Hennebury’s improv techniques and a couple of Carolyn Friedlander charm packs. I added in some other squares from stash and used a white for a background. I needed 88 charm squares and 88 white squares, and I ended up making a couple more than that because I pieced too wonkily to trim to my chosen block size of 4 1/2″ wide and 7″ tall. More info on that is in a previous post.

I made the blocks several at a time and laid them out on my design wall as I went along, so I could consider placement, and the whole thing came together in little over a week one I got going, quilting, binding and all. I spent a good chunk on the weekend plugging away, and with my morning sewing time, plus a bit of time on some evenings when Alex was working, I got’er done.

The sex-undetermined baby is due mid August, and by all accounts, big brother is trying to claim the quilt before then! I call that a success.

Size –  44″ x 52″
Number of blocks – 88
Time to make – About 10-12 hours total.
Fabric – Kona white, Carolyn Friendlander fabrics from three different lines plus scraps.
Binding Fabric – An orange snow dye I’ve had for a lonnnnng time!
Backing – Joel Dewberry Cali Mod Ziggy Gold (from Fabricland)
Threads – Back is all Decobob, front quilting and piecing all Wonderfil Konfetti in white
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom
Quilting- Simple wavy lines across the width.

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