A Finish Along Finish – Squiffy

I finished up another Squiffy bag (the one I started in a class I was teaching some months ago now) and put it in my Etsy shop this past week, which is the first thing checked off my Finish Along Q2 list.

It has the usual lining I use with the black spots. This time I decided to use some slightly thicker vinyl. It was not without its challenges, especially getting it to go through the slider on the strap, and I don’t think I’ll be tempted to use it again! My machine worked heroically though, without missing a stitch.

The fabric is from Loved to Pieces by Mister Domestic.I remembered to include one of my name plates this time, and it’s on the back.

I’m seriously inspired to get into dressmaking again, and have a few – ok SIX – patterns and fabrics to pair them with in mind! I’ve tested my serger and I’m almost ready to put together a new top, so I’ll check in later with what that looks like.

Squiffy Crossbody is a pattern by my friend, Mrs H.


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