Finish Along – Heading into Q2

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been evolving into a “see a project from start to finish” kind of person. I’ve fixed or disposed of the darning projects I had, all but three items of clothing (waiting for a thread colour change on my machine since I’m also working on other stuff) and I’ve been getting rid of WIPs, either giving up and reallocating the fabric to stash, or making a plan to donate. Other than the project I’m currently working on, which I don’t think counts as I only started it about four weeks ago, a block of the week and a casual scrap reducing plan, I haven’t added a new WIP for probably over a year. Whenever I’ve had a finish, it’s been something I had started making the previous quarter anyway, in most cases. Not really a “true” WIP.

Some of the getting rid process will mean giving away tops, and some of those tops are not finished. However the spirit of the quilt along is to actually complete a project and these tops will be going elsewhere for quilting. So with that in mind, there’s only really four goals left that qualify for the Finish Along, and no new stuff.

1) Finish my log cabin (top) because I think I’m going to keep that for myself. I bought a pantograph to quilt this one, and it has arrived. No excuses! I started this quilt when we were living in the UK, we’ve been here over 3 years now so it’s at least four years old. Enough is enough!

2) Finish this Squiffy bag that’s only a few steps from being finished anyway, and stick it in my Etsy shop.

3) Finish this Blanche and put her in my Etsy shop too. Don’t bags make an ugly picture before they’re sewn together?

4) I had made a dress a few years ago but now my bust measurement is too big (I put on 10 kg and I’m too lazy to lose it!) for it to zip up. So far I have detached the skirt part. My plan is to add a zipper, waistband and finish it up as a skirt. I don’t really know what I’m doing so I was going to venture a little into garment making again before I get the courage to finish it.

So that’s my list, which I will finish as I am moved to empty out my WIP bin for good.

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