A Finish: Our Song

This pattern is Called Our Song Your Reflection, half of a musician and quilter collaboration by Andrea Tsang Jackson. I had to rush to finish it so it could make the brochure and open house at My Sewing Room as I’ll be teaching this in early Autumn.

Admittedly I still don’t think my Y-seams are the best so I will be also practicing them again and again before I inflict these “skills” on anyone else! I think it’s because of the bias of the diamonds that it makes it a bit tricky, which in turn makes squaring up harder. I also think the photocopier made something like a 1/32 adjustment smaller copy of the paper pieced elements which meant quite a lot of fudging had to happen and I had to add some additional skinny borders.

It’s pretty cute though, right? 😀

I used Andrea’s colour suggestions for the reflection, but I used a photo I took of the sunrise over the city to decide on the top colours, going from the bright yellow up through a weird orangey-purple through to deep purple. Turns out Cinnamon is a good orangey purple alternative! I auditioned my selections in the store to come up with a gradient I liked, and it took over an hour to get the 30 colours I needed cut – yes 30 colours!

The binding is my favourite – turned facings – and I found the perfect backing already in my stash! I had a lot of threads to bury in this quilt as the circular quilting doesn’t pass through the swam, I wanted it to seem like she sat proud of the quilt a little.

I seem to have quite a bit to share of late, and I will have at least one more post before the week is up as I had an exciting email in my inbox last night!

Size – 58″ x 66″
Number of blocks – Well it has 8 points? 22 pieced star blocks in the sky and reflection…. it depends what you determine to be a block!
Time to make – Probably close to 35 hours with the finishing time in there.
Fabric – All Kona Solids except a little tiny scrap of orange Lewis and Irene on the beak!
Binding Fabric – Kona Everglade – I had lots left over.
Backing – Windham Fabrics – Gardening by Dinara Mirtalipova
Threads – Pieced with Wonderfil Konfetti, quilted with Isacord in purple, plus I had some Silco cotton 35wt in yellow from Wonderfuil that was a good match for the start of the circles and echoquilting the swan.
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom
Quilting- Circles radiating out like a ripple. The first circles had a beginning and an end to avoid going through the swan. Eventually when moving onto the purple thread, I opted for a continuous spiral. I think I got away with it!

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