A Finish: Singularity

I did a finish!

I was planning on hanging it on my wall at work, and I even reduced it down in size so that the starting HSTs were only 3/4″ finish as opposed to 1″, moving up to 6″ on the biggest HSTs to the pattern’s 8″. This makes it 60″ square rather than 80″ but it’s still a bit too “look at me” for work. Maybe I’ll hang it on a spare bedroom wall instead?

The pattern is here and available for free to all MQG members. It’s by a lady called Jenn Nevitt. Anyway, I do have a few adjustments to the pattern if you decide to make one, as there were a few areas where it said to cut more squares than necessary.
For Unit C, you need 60 light squares and 36 dark.
For Unit D, you need 40 light squares and 28 dark.

It sat in my sewing room for a while waiting for quilting. I had ideas on what I wanted to do, I pieced a back from FQs and oddments, and even pieced and prepped the binding, but then other stuff got in the way. I decided to get it done this month, and so it has four different FMQ designs from Angela Walter’s Free Motion Quilting book plus some random clamshelly stitches I thought would look nice. The binding took me about a week to actually finish, and it took me another 10 days still to get round to burying the threads. How bad am I?

Size – 60″ square
Number of blocks – In total HSTs, I think there are 388 (128x 3/4″, 96x 1 1/2″, 96x 3″, 68x 6″).
Time to make – I lost track!!!
Fabric – A FQ bundle of V&Co Ombre (the original ones)
Binding Fabric – Scraps of more ombre
Backing – An assortment of bits left over from other backings, some FQs and weird size stuff from my stash.
Threads – Pieced with Wonderfil Konfetti, quilted with Isacord and Decobob.
Batting – 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom
Quilting- Swirls in the centre, out to narrow lines, out to paisley, out to squared loops with the rest filled in with a kind of petal/clamshell shape spaced with a double straight line between designs.

This is a Finish Along quarter 1 finish.

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