Finish Along 2019 – Q1

I had two targets for Q4 of 2018 and I achieved them both! So it’s time to set goals again. I’m in a real applique mood, so it could be the time I get the Quilt Workout Applique pattern done. It’s been a couple of years before I’ve even picked it up, but yesterday while off for New Year, I pressed what I have and I’ve checked exactly what quantities of fabric I need and that the plan can still go ahead.

I’ve also got a mostly done Squiffy bag to finish. This was from a class I taught last year.

I also have this Singularity quilt top, quilt back AND binding made, with the plan of hanging the finished quilt in my office. And yet, it is not even basted. I even know what quilt patterns I want to stitch onto it, just other things have jumped the queue.

I don’t want to set my expectations too high, as I do have two magazine commissions to make, three to write up and my MQG mini swap to finish up, plus the new Bag of the Month Club has just started up again. However, it would be nice to replace my worn out Blanche Barrel Bag with a new bag. I think this Carter bag will be a perfect everyday bag to eventually wear out. I’ve not got much further than choosing the fabric though. And with Blanche, I promise to restitch the handles and sew the lining and zipper back in nicely, and give her a wash 😉

This pattern was part of the Carried Away Collective, of which I currently have 5 patterns, and I’ve made exactly zero of them :S

So lots of things to play with, I also have about 10 more ideas in my head, including a new Hank quilt and I want to make a Tamarack Jacket at some point in my lifetime too. I will not get bored, that’s for sure!

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