Denim Weaving


Happy New Year!

While browsing through Google Drive for pictures for my last post, I came across photos of my woven cushion and realised that I hadn’t shared that project here!

It was some months ago that I made this, but it came out so well, and lives on our sofa. It is made from a red denim remnant I rescued from the bargain bin, two pairs of jeans from forever ago that were wearing through the knees, and an extra bit of stretchy denim I bought for the back and piping.

The challenge was to make something for Quilters Connection magazine for their upcycle issue, and it turned out so well it made the cover!

It was my first time using the Wefty needle and if I’m honest, thick fabric like this is easy enough with fingers. It was folded back on itself and top stitched with jeans thread so quite thick! I imagine it’s very useful for cotton though.

I also found describing how to make a triaxial weave very challenging to write, and my husband did get snapped at for trying to come up with an explanation. I think I managed it in the end!

I’ll definitely try weaving again. To view woven work by someone who has had a lot more practice than I have, check out Mister Domestic on Instagram!

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