PBNQ Part 3 – The projects in Paint By Number Quilts!

This is a 3-parter about the quilts and projects I made for Paint By Number Quilts, so I can share those projects made way back in 2016 that I couldn’t put on my blog at the time.

This is part 3 – the projects in the book.

As mentioned in a previous post, what was intended to be 10 projects is now just 4, which will make this the shortest post in the series. The first project is the Raccoon Mug Rug, which also could be used as an applique for a quilt. I am doing classes where we use this as the starter project to introduce the technique, and it means each class, I make a new raccoon, one day I will have a quilt-full!

The smaller pieces are quite fiddly, but I’m happy to throw people in at the deep end, so they’ll leave ready to tackle any of the projects in the book 😉

Next is the Bear quilt, the one I made in 2014. The publishers loved the original, so it look the place of Bearnadette and I redrafted the pattern, so no extra quilt making was required! It is currently still on tour in the States, but I hope to have it back soon. It has been the flagship project for the book, going to Quilt Market and the like.

There was also Fabulous Mr Fox, which you saw a version of in Part 2. I was asked to make a more realistic background instead of the squares, so I remade it. You could still take out the background and put it on piecing if you make this project though! I’m planning on teaching this as a class at My Sewing Room in Spring over three parts, dates not yet confirmed.

Lastly, we have the Stag from the triptych. It goes solo in the book, but you can get the doe and the fawn in my pattern shop to make the quilts as originally intended. It is a small wall hanging style quilt, a little bigger than a mini quilt would be. The antlers blended in with the background so I stitched with a heavy brown thread around the outside. The antlers are quilted with silver metallic thread. I’ve had some issues with metallic thread in the past but I seem to remember this behaved itself.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the patterns, let me know if you give it a go, and please leave me a review on Amazon or wherever you buy your books, it really helps get it in front of more people!

One last story. My quilts from this book are in the entrance to My Sewing Room (which is a large quilting shop here in Calgary). A lady was walking by after visiting one of the other stores in the complex, walked into the shop and bought my book after she saw the display. She had never quilted before but something about them caught her eye, and now, hopefully, we have a new quilter in our ranks!

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