PBNQ Part 2 – The quilts that didn’t make it

This is a 3-parter about the quilts and projects I made for Paint By Number Quilts, so I can share those projects made way back in 2016 that I couldn’t put on my blog at the time.

This is part 2 – the quilts.

The original plan was to have 5 small projects and 5 quilt projects, and these are the quilts came up with that didn’t make it in, but were made regardless.

The first project I made for the book was this fox on a pieced background. I quilted it on a Sweet Sixteen, and basically it was an excuse to make some fun easy patchwork as a base. It was rejected because they wanted more emphasis on the applique, so I remade this with a more natural looking background. I still prefer this version though, I even think the face looks kinder! You can make this by only making the fox part of the design in the book (leave off the background pieces), and appliqueing it to a pieced background of your choice.

I made Bearnadette, and I’m not the most pleased with this, there’s something not quite right about this design and I think it is the right eye. In the end, C&T opted to go with my original bear quilt from 2014, and I recreated the pattern pieces so it could be made again.

One quilt I do really like is Barley the Mouse. This is available as an extra pattern in my shop, and there’s a couple of extra details that are added with perle cotton – like whiskers. I’m very happy with the wheat-like feather quilting I did in the background (which is just one big piece of Carolyn Friedlander fabric! I entered this in the Stampede quilt show this year and it went down favourably with the judges, getting very goods and excellents across the board. Pattern is available!

The deer were intended to be a triptych. The original fawn is the first one, and then I replaced it with this much better fawn (pic two). I also made a doe (also pic two). You will find a stag pattern in the book, and these two over in my pattern shop so you can still make the triptych as originally planned if you so wish.

And lastly, I recreated the moose pattern from 2014 also, but in the end it didn’t make it in.

Part 3 will be about the projects that are in Paint by Number Quilts (CLICK HERE TO READ)! This is not likely to be my next post, but soon after that.

If you missed Part 1, you can find it on my last post here.

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