PBNQ Part 1 – The small projects that didn’t make it

I’m going to write a 3-parter about the quilts and projects I made for Paint By Number Quilts, so I can share those projects made way back in 2016 that I couldn’t put on my blog at the time.

This is part 1 – the small projects.

The original plan was to have 5 small projects and 5 quilt projects, and these are some I came up with.

There was the rabbit journal/notebook cover, kindly and amazingly made by Krista Hennebury. It is now back in her possession but you can get the pattern in my shop if you have the book. It has a bookmark and fits standard notebooks, but I definitely do not recommend putting fusible plastic over the top. I made one and wrecked on this way. Just stitch it down well enough that you can put it in the wash, OK?

Hank cushion version 1 and 2. The original plan was for a longer cushion and it was based on a photo of Hank from this series of him flying like a kite, trying to chase squirrels up a tree.

I turned it sideways and them he looks like he’s running really fast! The HSTs are all just scraps. Unfortunately, the quilts and projects I made with pieced backgrounds were rejected in the first draft, so I made version 2.

This is basically a shrunk down version of Hank, Frankly. Both of these are on my spare bed now, and version 2 is also available as an expansion pattern.

The owl tote. Originally this Barn Owl was on a bright pink background, but I had to take off the applique and build a more natural looking setting for the second draft. Luckily not too much extra making, just a bit of unpicking and reconstructing.

Lastly, the cat cushion, version 1 and 2. I felt inspired by Phoebe from friends and made this kind of weird but still fun 3D cat (called Tabbytha) that’s supposed to look like she’s walking through a cat flap. It’s stuffed with tiny scraps and took a bit of work to figure out how to make the 3D part work.

It was a bit too avant garde, however, so along came the flat Himalayan cat in version 2. I’m working on making this available as a pattern soon.

Part 2 will discuss the quilts that didn’t make it (CLICK HERE TO READ), and part 3 will be about the projects that did (CLICK HERE TO READ)!

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