Finish Along Q4 2018

I was in two minds about whether I link up for this quarter or not. I have lots of new things I want to make, and I know it won’t be a finishing kinda quarter – a bit like the last one really.

I joined the Carried Away Pattern Collective and I’m about to receive the third pattern, and I’ve not even cut out one bag yet. I have an idea for another Hank quilt (based on his potato pose at the top of this post), I’m finishing up a quilt right now that I can’t share until February…. it all points to stuff I will be starting fresh.

If I finish two things, I will be very happy. Neither of these are things I have posted about before.

Firstly, the salmon run quilt. It’s currently just a giant template waiting to be cut up. This will be made in my Paint By Number Quilts style. I have all the fabrics too.

Secondly, I only have until the end of November to finish this. It will be a mini quilt on the larger size and I want to enter it into Quiltcon. It will read “Everything not saved will be lost.” It’s based on two things – the Nintendo end screen of the 90s and a YA book I am reading at the moment called The End Games, which is a zombie apocalypse story and not something I usually read, but I’m enjoying it while waiting for my copy of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing to arrive. This is a slow going project but I love how those 1/2″ squares look. There’s as much fabric in the seam allowances as on the visible side!

I also want to share some posts with you soon to talk about quilts that were made for the book – those that made it as well as those that did not. I made a Blue Jay quilt too, finished it and then for whatever reason, forgot to share it! I’ll make more of an effort to do those – and make more videos – over the coming colder months.

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