Getting back into patchwork!

It’s nice not having deadlines. I’m doing some magazine writing, but not making right now. At first, it meant I could take a guilt-free break from sewing. We moved the mattress into the sewing room as used it as a place to sleep when the temperatures reached over 30 degrees. We will get air conditioning for next summer.

Recently though, I rediscovered my mojo in an unusual place – half square triangles. Some of you will have noticed how infrequently I use HSTs in my patchwork designs. Some keeners may recall the Hello Chevron quilt that was on my WIP list for years because it was all HSTs and I didn’t like trimming them. Well somehow, I’m now over it?!

I’m making the Simplicity quilt by Jenn Nevitt (@mommysew on Instagram), which was a MQG Quilt of the Month for January 2017. If you’re an MQG member, the pattern is free in their resources section! I’m making mine 25% smaller to hang on my office wall. I’m also using the same fabrics Jenn did for hers – V&Co Ombres – the original ones.

I started off with 3/4″ finished HSTs (the pattern has 1″ HSTs). they’re not the neatest matching seams, but it’s tiny piecing and I kind of like the jumbled effect at that tiny size!

Then it goes up to use 1 1/2″ HSTs….

Then 3″…

And I’m getting really close to getting some 6″ HST action!

It will finish up 60 inches square, and I’m going to quilt it to accentuate the cross shapes that appear in the design.

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