Finish Along 2018 – Q3

Ooh goal time again!

Since I don’t have ANY print deadlines on the horizon, I’m thinking about my WIPs more. Maybe that will mean more success, or maybe it will be more thinking and less sewing…

So here’s my list, I bet regulars are so bored of some of these!

My latest project is actually two – I’m making two Stargazer Clutches at the same time (picture at the top of the page). This is a modification of the Stargazer Tote from this year’s Bag of the Month club.

I struggled for three days with sewing the sides on without the pleats looking awful, so I’ve unpicked, glued the pleats and clipped them, then left them until I got home from work yesterday and stitched it which seemed to work. I found the larger version much easier to do.

The Lotus Quilt is still as it was 2 years ago…

Also wouldn’t it be great to get this HUGE log cabin done? It would free up half of my WIP storage bin that’s for sure. I’ll have to save up to get it pro quilted though, or at least hire the longarm and do it myself. This is not going under my machine.

I also have two Weekenders in progress. I pieced panels for it and then got flashbacks of making my first one and promptly put it aside. I also need to get some appropriate lining, preferably something heavy so I don’t have to splash out on lots of interfacing.

This is what I said about them towards the end of 2016….. I did buy zippers and piping but then I used it on other stuff!

There’s two other WIPs not here because they require a lot of extra thought. I have pixel style blocks with the names of the provinces and territories of Canada from a swap two years ago, but I need to design an 8 bit map around them, which is going to take a lot of brain power.

I also have an applique Quilt Workout pattern I started and now I’m not sure where I’m up to, what my plan was for each row and whether I have all of the pieces still! Maybe I’ll get one round of this done if I’m lucky, which should set me on the right path.

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