Calgary Festival of Quilts 2018


I don’t feel like writing much at the moment, but I do want to share some quilts from the Heritage Park show this weekend. I showed some of my book returns and rejects and they were mostly kept together…

Hoots Mon; Doe, Stag, Fawn triptych

Barley the Mouse; Fabulous Mr Fox


Then some I liked for various reasons, whether the design, the colours or the fabric choices.

Gypsy Wife (Jen Kingwell pattern) by Catherine Beal, quilted by Philippa Gelinas

Summer Petals by Alexandra Jackson

Painted Desert by Dusti Gomery

Unicorns (pattern by Dorothy Kuzmiski) by Quilter of Distinction, Vanecea Greene

On Ringo Lake (Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt) by Carol Prentice and quilted by Darci Neufeld Mockford.

Locke’s Charmander by Falyn Nicholl

Kaffe Diamonds by Sandra Bakka

Autumn Two by Two by Carla Montgomery

A Girl’s Best Friend by Shannon Lane

Tonal Trees by Agnes Gorombey

Rise and Shine (from Kim Morrison class) by Rose Meadows

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