Block Donations

There have been a couple of things I’ve made blocks for lately. It nice as a rest for my brain between projects and for using up a few scraps. In case you’re looking for some causes, here’s what I’ve been up to.

The cat blocks (above) are for Christy (@christypugh on Instagram). Back in February, her 6 year old daughter Emma got sick, as many kids do. There was a post where she was asleep in hospital after it got worse, then a second photo where she was on a stretcher being put into an ambulance for treatment at a better hospital. The next Instagram post, Emma had passed. Her heart had stopped from Flu complications, just five days after Christy had shared a photo of her playing at the park. It was devastating watching this unfold, but Christy is finding some solace in making quilts for Emma’s classmates. She’s collecting cat blocks in any colour. I’m sending these four to her. For more information, look for the tag #emmasplan on Instagram.

Secondly, it’s allll over the Internet (#quiltsforbroncos), so I don’t need to say too much as it’s already been said, except point you to this blog post here for the cutting instructions and address to send the blocks to. A shop in Humboldt is collecting blocks, quilt tops made from this block, batting, backing, etc to make 200 quilts for those affected by the Humboldt, SK tragedy last week. They are intended to go to families of the victims, survivors, first responders, and other community members. I made two of these too but they only take a couple of minutes to put together, I just ran out of appropriate mid green. Various people are collecting to transport them together, but I thought I would post them now so they get there soon.

If you’re motivated to join either of these causes, Christy needs to finish her quilts for the end of school, and the Humboldt donations are needed by May 18, so you’ll need to move quite quickly.

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