A Finish – Wildflowers

This was a race to finish this weekend, but it is now in the post and it’s another thing off my to do list!

It’s very different to my usual colour scheme, and is quite small, but has to be to be a happy size to post. When I write the pattern, I’m going to make suggestions for making it bigger.

I really like the way the quilting looks on the back – I just echo quilted some shapes. I decided to use my ruler foot initially, but I’m pretty straight with free motion and I much prefer doing that as I have less thinking and hand positioning to do, so I scrapped that plan.

Size – 51″ square
Number of blocks – 25
Time to make – About 16 hours, including 2 quilting hours and a couple of hours cutting in front of the TV
Fabric – Mostly prints from Pond by Elizabeth Hartman, topped up with matching Kona solids and a plain dark blue. Background is Kona Ice Peach.
Binding Fabric – A Makower Beth Studley print I got for $3 (I don’t have a pound sign on this keyboard, imagine a pound sign) a yard from Fabric Guild in the UK and brought over with me. It’s maybe from the Walkabout range.
Backing Fabric
 – The same as the binding.
Threads – Pieced with off-white Wonderfil Konfetti, quilted with peach Isacord in the top and a different brand (can’t remember what it is called!) of magenta in the bottom. They’re both polyester 40 weight.
Batting – Hobbs 80/20 – I bought a whole batt of 27 metres!
Quilting- Echo quilting squares and star shapes created by the piecing. Stitched about 3/8″ away from the seams.

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