I’ve not been blogging, but here’s THREE bags!

I’ve felt a bit obstructed by blogging these few weeks. I have lots to say, but so much content from my old blog is missing, I daren’t save over any pages in fear that the information won’t come back. I’m hoping to rectify that soon. Lots of quilt bloggers seem to have dropped off, and I honestly don’t want to do that! Though I have been very bad at keeping up with reading blogs. I don’t think I have done that for a couple of months :S Also I have completed ZERO of my Finish Along projects, so we will quickly move on from talking about that….

Anyway, this bag at the start of this post is one of THREE I made from the amazing Bag of the Month Club. It is the first I made, and called The Podium by Chris W Designs. It is a shaped shoulder bag with an oval base and a hidden phone pocket in the back. Now I should say at this point, that the Bag of the Month Club is from January to June, these patterns are exclusive to the club for a year, but you can join in at any time and get the patterns as they are released at bagomc.com

This one here was the February Bag, which is a laptop style utility bag called Ravenwood, and it is by Betz White. I chose red denim and this fine corduroy. I only wish I had padded the bottom a little better, so I made a thin cushion to go inside! It has a TON of pockets and I found it quite a challenge as I prefer to make simpler bags.

Lastly, for March the pattern was the Stargazer Tote by Blue Calla Patterns. I had a few issues with reading the instructions with this one (red: I was the problem, not the pattern) and the vinyl was really thick. It’s done though, and there’s even a cool hack to make a metal oval handle clutch version. I like the shape so much that I am cutting out THREE of those!

April’s bag is the Celine Tote by Swoon Patterns. I’m not sure if it is very me as it’s slouchier than I tend to make, and also bigger. Still, I have quilt making priorities now, so I maybe will leave that one to the end of the series.

I will leave you with a picture of Hank in a jumper. He wore it just once back in January. He hates it but looks so cute!

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