My book is available for preorder!

Sorry for the disarray, my blog (and website) are not quite performing the way I’d like them to, I need to spend a serious amount of time working on my online presence and patterns before the end of September.

Why then? You ask….

MY BOOK(ette) IS FINALLY HAPPENING! (Yes OK so I told you that a month ago but still)

It’s now available to preorder on Amazon, and the cover is designed (well so is the inside but I can’t show you that).

Here’s a bit more info that I didn’t go into in my last post about it. The working title was Quilt by Numbers, but it got changed to Paint By Number Quilts. The premise is that you get full size patterns, a colour key for easy fabric matching and a guide that you can colour in as you go (if you want), as well as detailed instructions on how to make turned edge pictorial quilts. It will be available wherever you get Stash Books from- quilt shops, craft shops, Amazon, the C&T Publishing website just not conventional bookstores as it’s technically a pattern pack now. I’m calling it a book(ette) though.

It started off as 10 patterns with a release date of October 2017 but there were many hurdles along the way. I don’t think I’m going to detail them all here, but I have two trunk shows in Calgary being arranged for around the release, and I’ll go into it in more detail in those talks. I will also tell you when those will be once I have everything confirmed! I will show you the quilts that didn’t make it closer to the time though as I plan to create what my husband has coined “expansion packs” – for people who have the book(ette) and fancy trying out some different designs. They won’t have the full instructions in, but will provide a new pattern to print (on standard letter size paper that you tape together) and follow. I may make physical copies too if the demand is there.

Let me know if you decide to preorder it!

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