Guess who’s back with new things?!

You may not have noticed, but I disappeared for a little while there. My blog has been rebuilt as a larger part of – yes the www now exists so I can have an all in one place website! It still needs some pages rebuilding and images assigning and stuff like that but it’s live finally (after some very weird technical problems) which means if you ever got bombarded with a crap ton of spam before when trying to come here, that will NO LONGER HAPPEN! I know, right? The luxury of it!

So whilst I have a lot to catch up on post wise, including at least 3 quilts I’ve make in the time the site has been dormant, and I think 3 bags too, I have some larger news. MY BOOK(ette) “PAINT BY NUMBER QUILTS” IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PREORDER ON AMAZON!

The release date is showing as October 2nd which is a little later than I was expected so I’ll let you know if that changes. Everyone is in Quiltcon mode right now so I’m not expecting a reply to my query about that from the publisher for a little while yet.

In video news, I’m not putting them on my blog as well at YouTube, so if you want to see those regularly, you will need to subscribe to my channel. I’ve got enough subscribers to have a custom URL now, so that’s exciting! I’ve not done a Vlog for a few weeks but I have a zipper tutorial and a buttonhole tutorial up there from the last 10 days.

Expect lots of posts in the next few days and weeks.

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