A final Finish Along contribution – the reupholstered chairs!

Happy New Year!

I really didn’t want to take out all those staples and fight with the crappy paint again, but I did. New Year’s Day was the day for me, so still technically sneaking it in before the cut off for the 2017 Finish Along! While Alex watched Rogue One and Hank had peanut butter in his Kong, I ripped out the staples, attached the patchwork I had done months ago, and painted the chair three times. I think the paint job on this one is worse than the others, I sanded, I touched up, I sighed as it still looked drippy and bad. It’s a bit dusty still so I may add a bit more varnish to the areas that you grab onto – like the top of the chair – but it’s done. It’s DONE! They’re done!

So now I have all three rescue chairs pieced. I would really like this chair from Ikea to replace my swivel sewing chair and tie everything up, but we have been to Ikea twice in the last month and it’s been sold out both times because it’s half price until Sunday. I guess it’s not to be.

Original goals post.

I’ve decided to keep the vlog videos separate from the blog from now on. I’m having a website facelift, and there will be a link to my YouTube channel directly. I urge you to subscribe if you want to follow along with those as well as the blog.

Two finishes this quarter. Looking forward to tackling Finish Along 2018!

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