A Quick Tutorial: How to put your Instagram pics on a blog post

I’m back today with a quick tutorial to show you how I get my Instagram posts onto my blog. It’s WordPress hosted, and won’t allow me to use the embed code, I just get a grey box, besides, you may not want it to look like you just pulled it off Instagram, with the frame and caption. Here’s what you do.

Oh I should mention, please only do this on your own images, or ones you have explicit permission to use. Please don’t steal other people’s stuff!

1) Go to www.instagram.com/YOURUSERNAME – putting whatever your username is in there, so for instance mine is www.instagram.com/pennydog. Click the picture you want to use to open it up.

2) Right click the photo and click View Page Source on the menu that pops up.

3) A page like this will open up, but don’t be scared! Scroll down until you see meta content and meta property. The on around line 58 (the lines are all numbered on the left) you should have a bit of code that says <meta property=”og:imagecontent=

4) Copy the entire URL between the speechmarks (“). I use Ctrl and C keyboard commands but you can right click and select Copy.

This URL is now ready to be pasted into your blog when it asks for an image URL, into a mosaic on Big Huge Labs or anywhere where you need an image URL, just as if it was hosted anywhere else on the internet. Here’s mine:

Please enjoy responsibly 🙂

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