Finish Along Q3

Ooh I almost forgot about the finish along for what would have been almost the entire year, but sneaking in under the deadline to share the WIPs I have that are most realistically going to be finished this quarter. There are more, but I think four is enough.

This is Bear in the Log Cabin – I need to add a roof to each of the 36 blocks and actually piece into a top (and quilt, and bind).

I am teaching the Blanche Barrel Bag by Swoon later in the month, so I think I will use it as a way of finishing up one of the two I have cut out that I was going to make for Christmas markets.

Banana Candy is a fusible applique quilt that I have been trying unsuccessfully to fit in with a quilt magazine’s themed issues. It’s a rainbow quilt that is cut out using the Scan and Cut. I’ll probably use this in a video tutorial or two. I’d like to do a video on what the Scan N Cut is and how it works, and also one on the properties of different fusibles.

Lastly, I have yet to put a stitch in the first of two Canada themed quilts. You’d think this would be the year to do them! It’s mostly large pieces and borders, but I want to add a couple of animal appliques that I haven’t been happy with yet, and the tiny blue and red pieces will be 6″ maple leaf blocks. I’ll probably do a video tutorial on those too.

Popping into work this morning, I’ll be back with another video blog tomorrow because I’m semi-addicted to this video thing! I’m doing a lot of video at work which I might put into another blog post. This as well as an inspirational Modern Sewciety podcast with Leah Day, has really spurred me on to get into video. I just need a camera that captures better audio…

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