Gently getting into WIPs

I have just a few WIPs, one of which is the Quilt Workout applique special, but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that size project yet. For the time being, I decided to work on the Blanche barrel bags (larger size) by Swoon Patterns that I cut out for Christmas fairs and didn’t finish. Well, two of them out of four because I need some more premade piping. I made the mistake of glue basting the zipper in when I took them with me to work on at Addie’s (pattern says you can do this, but I don’t recommend it folks!), so I had to unpick the topstitch – which I didn’t like anyway – and wash the top edge.

Here they are all finished!

Two more to go!

I think I’ll offer it as a class in the summer (one of my motivations to get it done), because I think people can be a little cautious of working with rivets and leather/vinyl and this will show how easy it is! I’m keeping the yellow one because it had a small accident with a pair of sharp scissors. I also prefer the flowery one’s shape, so that will be the store sample and eventually go into my Etsy shop when I reopen it.

I also started and finished this little wallet…

It’s the Wisteria Wallet by Blue Calla Patterns. I’m not sure I like the size and style just yet because it’s basically a pouch with card slots on the outside but I’m trying it out for a few days. I’m also probably going to make a Pearl wallet and decide which one I like best to keep for myself.

By the way I finished a quilt about 2 weeks ago but I haven’t got round to good photos yet…. Soon!

P.S. Sorry if I’ve not responded to a comment on my last couple of posts – WordPress wasn’t sending them through to my email again but I think we are back now.

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