Oh yeah remember this?

So I had this list at the start of the year…

And things have taken a longer time, with different order and approach, so it looks like this now:

I have however nearly finished a quilt for a magazine (not yet written up) and I don’t think I will make another Hank quilt now, I think I will make a horse quilt for the Stampede quilt show. In addition, I have made progress on two WIPs and done a little towards my summer target of the Quilt Workout pattern. I’ve also started cutting out my late spring magazine project, so things are a lot more fluid. My sister’s wedding is now not happening (this year anyway) so I will be around early summer still. I don’t care about those clothing alterations and my bee words can wait too.

Target for this weekend is to finish up the first magazine quilt and cut out for a second (it’s cheaper to post two at once) and write up a pattern for release. If I get time I may start designing my horse quilt too. Maybe. I have to plan the first half of my class on Tuesday night and maybe make some handouts. They make me feel more comfortable. Did I tell you that my class went well, it was scary at first but I felt like I really passed on some good tips and didn’t forget a thing. I love sewing right now, LOVE it. I don’t have enough time in the day for it.

So sorry by the way, I have a few people to reply to still because my email still won’t send. I am really hoping it will be back to normal any day now.

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