Mini Tutorial: Starch substitute for 37.5c!

I have a mini tutorial for you today on how to make your own starch substitute – like Best Press or Flatter for a few cents. The credit for this idea shouldn’t go to me though, I was told about this by Jackie who I used to work with, and she in turn was told about it by someone in her quilting guild in Okotoks, so this is passed on wisdom that I am now passing onto you.

My experience with the products you can buy is mixed. Best Press was great when I started using it, but then I tried the scented stuff and my lungs do not cope with it well at all. There are no ingredients on the bottle either so I’ve no idea what it is that is irritating my lungs, a little bit scary. I find the unscented one a bit hard to find because most people seem to prefer that one too! Then Soak’s Flatter – I love the Fig fragrance, but I find it’s pretty expensive stuff so that’s usually off the cards for me. So, onto my tutorial!

I took an existing empty bottle from Best Press, and Sulky Wash and Gone soluble stabiliser. Any soluble stabiliser will do, it has to be the stuff for embroidery that completely washes out.

For this size bottle I only need 5cm across the width of fabric, which is where I get the 37.5c price from as it’s $7.50 a metre where I bought it. If you’re filling a bigger bottle, you will need proportionally more.

Cut into tiny bits and put into the bottle.

Add water, the lid and shake. That’s it!

This was the crinkliest scrap of fabric I could find that I had, so I gave it a squirt and press and it worked awesomely! I checked back the next day and there’s no residue, it works really well.

Let me know if you try it!


P.S. Email still being crappy, I will reply to everyone that posted on my last post once my computer starts letting me send email again!

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