The Finish Along is back – Q1 2017

I’m not expecting to get many WIPs finished this quarter, but as usual, I’m going to give it a go, and suggest three things that could possibly get done, or at least develop a bit further!

This dress still hasn’t got any further since last quarter, it’s time I got that done.

Another no-changer – these Blanche bags. I only want to finish these two for now.

And yep, you guessed it, another I haven’t touched for three months. This was the first project I started when we moved and I was sewing on my first machine in friends’ basement before we got a place of our own! I have no real purpose for this quilt, but maybe it will be big enough to fit our bed when finished? I really should check that.

***My blog was half-down for almost a week, looks like it got upset by someone touching things they shouldn’t and my template disappeared and it went all gross looking, so I missed the actual link up, I’m only unofficially taking part this quarter ***

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