Selvedge Salvage

Today I learned that what I call a selvedge is the British spelling of selvage. I wondered why I had seen it written in two different forms.

I’ve collected selvedges for a while now, maybe a couple of years. When I was in the UK I’d pass them to Di in our EMMQG meetings, but since coming over the Canada a year and two days ago(!) I’ve saved them in a jar and thought that maybe I would do something with them.

Now, I have nowhere near a project’s worth, but I needed to start doing something with them as they’d outgrown the jar. So I decided they would be good as a simple cushion, mixed in with some scrap strings because I have a schwack of those too.

So I’ve made four 3 1/2″ blocks, they were very quick and it keeps me interested as I simultaneously work on catching up with bee blocks. If I’m completely honest, I am not enjoying putting bee blocks together anymore, and I think that is why it has been easy to put other projects first. The guilt is getting to me in a big way now though, so I need to get my head down and get them done!

My jar still only just closes, and I threw out about 1/3 of what was in the jar as there was lots of plain white bits I didn’t need! Weird how that works.

And now, back onto finishing up book stuff and clothing repairs, it will be good when those and the bee blocks are over, too much obligation on my plate. Sewing is meant to be fun, right?

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