A whole crapola of repairs

You know when you’re doing fun stuff and the boring stuff keeps piling up and piling up… (like vaccuuming, putting laundry away, etc)?

Well, I probably have a full weekend of clothing repairs and adjustments to do now. I would LOVE to get this cleared by New Year for a fresh start but that gives me 10 days. Nope.

A pair of jeans for my husband which needs a torn crotch stitching up as best as possible, half a dress, a shirt that needs the shoulders slimming (so many adjustments have been made to this shirt already to make it small enough!), a pair of jeans two inches too long, a pair of work trousers an inch and a half too long, a coat with a torn armpit accessible only by undoing the lining plus it has a toggle missing, a dress that needs hemming 1″ higher and another that needs a hook and eye fastener added and a zip reinserted…

I hand sewed my XL Christmas-ish vintage jumper in about 2″ at each side seam by hand yesterday morning. We’re having a Christmas jumper day at work today (though no one else seems to have bothered) so this is good enough. I added sequins to the trees last night in front of a couple of episodes of Mr Selfridge.

On an expected note, I didn’t get any quilts accepted to Quiltcon which is no great surprise. I’m torn between making something specifically for Quiltcon in 2018, or whether I should just keep making what I like and maybe entering things if they possibly fit the remit. I do have one gripe (that’s unlike me) about Quiltcon. I feel the quilts that get accepted are very unlikely to be used. I’m pretty sure the definition of a modern quilt by the MQG includes a statement about it being a utilitarian quilt “designed to be used”, which is at odds with art quilts. Though that’s what a lot of these feel like to me. I don’t know.

P.S. it’s my birthday tomorrow!

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