Submitting to Quiltcon

At the very last minute I submitted some quilts for Quiltcon 2017. I was a recipient of a Michael Miller challenge bundle, so I was obliged to get my act together and send it in. I finished it on the weekend and then forgot the bit where you take photos…. When I got to the form, it said it was $30USD for up to three entries. I didn’t see the point in just sending on one (especially since it’s not my most favourite work) so I sent in three.

I got very angry at one point. I had filled out all the details, measured the quilts, etc and then left my computer to go to work and then take photos of the newest quilt. By the time I came back I had to start all. over. again. With insanely slow WiFi. There’s no save option, be warned! Have all your photos ready and information to hand before you start!


Here is my Luxe challenge piece for the Michael Miller category, it’s called Sound and Vision. My inspiration was the fabric itself and then somehow that progressed to light and sound waves. I took a bit of creative license when it came to the quilting, the light is bending in totally unnatural ways 😀 It’s small, at just 36″ square and is made from the two grey Luxe fabrics I received, plus yellow and teal Michael Miller solids. I did not have fun quilting this, the walking foot always applyies too much pressure and it wants to wrinkle the fabric constantly, even with the presser foot pressure reduced right down. Also the way the guide attaches to the machine means I can’t actually use it along with the walking foot without too many attachments on one screw and it all falling apart. Next time- normal foot straight line quilting with the guide!


FAL 2016

This is also a Finish Along Finish, and the last I expect I will do this quarter.

My next submissions are not really in the Quiltcon design vein so I’m not expecting much in terms of acceptance (on any of the three to be fair). I sent in Chandelier for Modern Traditionalism or whatever it is called…

… and also Shine Bright in the Piecing category.

We will see what happens!

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