Two things checked off the really long to do list.

Firstly, today I submitted my first draft of my book! By submitted, I mean that I am currently 16% of the way into the uploading process. It’s almost 3gb of stuff so it’s taking a while.

Oh that top left? Yep still working my way through – 10 blocks of 36 done.

Secondly, I finally got super patient Simone’s bee block done. I’m *technically* up to date now because I was off the hook for August (the person who’s turn it is opted not to make the block for my round and I was removed from the list of duties I think to compensate for this, even though the lovely organiser sent me a block to make up for being one short). So I just have September, I wonder if I will actually do it in September?


Does anyone here use Bloglovin? I’m trying to catch up on my reading and it has changed. I can’t figure out how I can read blogs by blog name. I used to have a list where I’ve drawn the red oval, but I can’t find any display option remotely similar. I like to read up each blog at a time if I’m behind by more than one post (which believe me I am behind about 2000 posts total), so this multi-blog layout tile thing I has going on just isn’t doing it for me….

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