Finish Along Quarter 3

The end of this quarter ties in exactly with when I need to finish my book projects by, but I thought I would try and make a bit of an effort with the Finish Along still, despite knowing I will be busy busy!

This is the project I’ve chosen to aim to finish, my Meadow quilt. It’s all cut out, but no further than that. If I can make the top, then I plan to long arm it which should cut down on the time I will need to finish. I’m worried I’ll forget how to assemble it if I leave it any longer, plus it’s sat in a project bag on the floor and I like tidiness in my sewing room where possible. Maybe I can prepare all the centre pieces then do a block or so at a time between other stuff.

Meanwhile in secret projects I have two quilts and three smaller projects to make…. *cracks whip*

FAL 2016

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