Secrets secrets


So it appears I took a blogging break, but it wasn’t a break from sewing by any means. This month I sold my sewing machine that I bought in January and bought the Brother PQ 1500S. I needed something faster because at the speed I’m FMQing for the book, the tension was struggling on the other machine. I also had to get a cheap Walmart machine so I can still zig zag and blind hem, so it turned out to be a more expensive exercise than I imagined it would be, and now I have two machines with just one desk. It has to sit on foam because it vibrates the whole room and I’m worried I annoy the neighbours.

I finished up the bee word for April (late) and I’m yet to start May… I have three “the”s to make, so chain piecing ahoy!

I made a baby quilt and halfway through another for magazines that I can’t show yet, both I used the Scan N Cut that I love so much. So much so, I was demonstrating them at the Festival of Quilts in Calgary this weekend. More photos from that to come on another post. Yes I bought fabric.

I also made a quilt and halfway through a smaller project for my book. I’ve even started writing actual words now! Today I plan to sketch out the illustrations for where I am up to.

DSCF1036I’m cutting out a dress (that will probably sit in pieces for ages). I also made a skirt but I’m going to do a post all on it’s own for that for the Finish Along. That’s right, two more posts in the works, I’m making up for lost time!

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