Lizzy House and the Meadow Quilt

Today was fun! I got to spend the day at the Wonderfil Threaducation Centre in Calgary with nine other MQG ladies and Lizzy House on what will be one of the final dates ever on the Meadow quilt tour, as Lizzy is getting married soon and plans to travel less and be more home-based from now on.

For those who don’t know, the Meadow quilt was designed around Lizzy’s Hello Pilgrim line of fabric around 4-5 years ago and took many days and “anxiety naps” to figure out before Quilt Market. Throughout this time when she was having problems getting a pattern to work, she was asking herself if this was wrong, or was this just difficult, a question that seemed to come up a lot when she was talking about the way she designs and actually a useful way of thinking about life in general. She’s fun, friendly and a funny lady too.

Because of the way this design works, it is not a pattern as such, as Lizzy explained, and the tuition for success with the design is essential which is why you can’t and won’t buy it anywhere. I saw it around on Instagram (look for #meadowquilt) and not knowing how it was put together bugged me, so I was glad for the opportunity to have a go myself.

My fabric pull

Lizzy worked with us to put groups of fabrics together by colour and value and we created little colour maps as well as assembling a block or two. My sewing machine decided to mimic another lady’s machine (Agnes had a Baby Lock version of the same machine) and have a minor breakdown partway through sewing curves, so I took the stitch plate off, reset the feed dogs and put it back together again and it seemed to be fine after that.

This is my sample block and colour map…

This signature block will go on the back but it’s another project that will have to go on the back burner for the while.

Well I have now checked what I am allowed to say and can announce that I am indeed working on a rhymes-with-cook as Reene suggested on Instagram, and it will be for Stash Books by C&T Publishing. I can’t say any more than that but I will need to get it pretty much all completed by the start of October. I’m not planning on giving up blogging at all, just reducing it for a while, still I do have some other stuff to share, so keep coming back, OK?

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