Fun times ahead!


I’m going to be working on a big project that I can’t share for the next few months so things are likely to be quieter on here than they already are. I won’t be making very much else on the side, but I’ll try to pop by occasionally, even if it’s with a Hank or life post because I truly like blogging and don’t plan to give it up any time soon!

I’ve sewn two rows of blocks of my Lotus quilt together out of the six. I may sew the actual rows together today so I have less to put in order if this needs to come down from my design wall.


I’ve also made this zippy pouch for a magazine, it’s really big and holds all my speciality rulers- exactly what I wanted.


For National Quilting Day yesterday I didn’t actually do any quilting, but I did piece together this mini top from a Doe charm pack for my Hank-esque quilt hanger on our first flight of stairs that is currently empty and sad-looking. I’ll hopefully finish this up and do a proper post on this soon.

I’ve also caught up with the blocks from the Spelling Bee so I feel more under control now. My turn to be queen bee comes in June as I did a bit of a swap around when it didn’t look like I was going to be settled any time soon.

For Elizabeth

For Lisa

For Mary

I’m also working hard to finish up the Quilt Workout first pattern within the next few days, though I will need to have it checked over for release. The bag pattern is due back from the testers at the end of the month (though a lot of them are┬ásurprisingly quiet and I wonder if they even received the pattern at all) so that should be available on Craftsy when I reopen my shop there in about a week or so.

Busy, but I love it!

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