The Quilty Math Workbook

Carrie of Carrie Actually asked for reviewers for her Quilty Math Workbook much earlier in the month, and I’m only just getting round to doing so because I am a rubbish person!

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This book has lots of useful tools within its 25 pages. It might not seem like a lot, but they are mostly sheets you can print and use over and over again when designing your own quilts.

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As the subtitle says, it is for quilts designed in squares, HSTs, QSTs and 60 degree triangles, and helps you with calculations for these shapes accordingly.

I have to say my favourite part is the seam allowance formulas and that page alone is good for printing out and sticking on the wall about your cutting mat. There are formulas for working out how much of a fabric¬†you need, how much backing, getting the best from your wadding/batting and graph paper to design your blocks and tops on. Basically it helps you forward plan in a methodical way so you’re not wasting fabric or time.

You can also work out how much binding fabric you will need. At the minute I guess that part, cutting a strip and laying it on the quilt and counting how many I need based on that, the problem being making sure you have enough to cut from in the first place, otherwise you have to get creative/scrappy…

I tend to get my calculations from Electric Quilt for my designs, but if you don’t want to stump up the cash, or the time to learn the program, this is a nice way to start dipping your toe into successful quilt pattern design. Besides, writing it all down like this makes it much easier to write up your pattern for sharing with others.

You can buy a copy of your own for $15 here.


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