The quilts I am taking

I have made a fair few quilts in my time, I probably make around seven or eight decent size ones a year, I think. I haven’t counted. With moving, I’ve attempted to streamline my collection a bit, but there are some quilts that I can’t sell or giveaway. They are my sofa quilts and they are staying that way! Well, for a while they will be vacuum sealed and in a shipping container, but you know what I mean. I’ve not included my pictorial wall quilts here because I think that’s pretty obvious that I’m always going to have a wall that needs a moose or a bear hanging on it!

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The Giant Churn Dash has lived behind the sofa ready for chilly evenings ever since I had it returned from Popular Patchwork magazine. It’s not huge but it’s a good sofa size and it has my favourite fabric range of all time – Mixteca – in it. The low volume background fabrics were from a charm swap, so there’s a little piece of other peoples’ tastes mixed in. The quilting is the only successful spiral I’ve achieved.

Diaspyros is made from one of my favourite BasicGrey fabric lines. It’s a jelly roll quilt and I love that the background isn’t black, grey or white. Other than that I’m not sure why I feel it is impossible to let go…

This guy, because I didn’t make it from my own pattern which is unlike me, it’s from American Patchwork and Quilting. The length of time it took me to actually get round to finishing it is quite embarrassing, and it is like a sampler of different quilting methods, so it feels quite personal.

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