Q4- Goals for the last quarter in 2015’s Finish Along

Oh wow it’s the last quarter people!

I only actually finished one thing last quarter (from the list anyway), but the threat of moving to Canada is getting ever closer so I need to make more of an effort because I want to start with a blank slate- and a new machine. Come Q1 of the 2016 FAL I’ll be living in a different country, further from the sea than ever before and the time zone will be seven hours behind!

All but one of my quilt tops have been destashed, but I have made progress on everything that was on my list last quarter, even if I didn’t finish it, so that’s something.

I also need to start and finish my Schnitzel and Boo mini swap. I wasn’t going to join in because of all-the-stuff, but I did and it may have been a stupid decision. I have three weeks, that’s ages to make 16 tiny scrappy pineapple blocks, right?

Log Cabins
This is now over halfway finished in terms of piecing. It depends on what happens but I may be going to a long arm place and renting a machine to finish it, or if that won’t be possible, I’ll be QAYG, so it’s going to stay in quarters until the decision is made. Currently I have a quarter made, plus enough to make another quarter with a few blocks left over. Whilst I’ve run out of white/LV strips, I haven’t dented the colour ones. I don’t have a lot of yellows and oranges though which makes me think I may need to make MORE scraps for better colour balance.

Hello Chevron
I’ve added an extra row- I sometimes take this one to EMMQG to force myself to work on it. It’s a struggle but I only have five more rows of HSTs to go. Not sure why I hate this one so much. This will be a good one to learn longarming on when the top is done. One of these will be longarmed by me!


Shine Bright
I updated this yesterday – one more border to go. I stalled for a while after miscutting, but I’m getting there now.

Baby Jane Quilt
The top is pieced but I think I will be adding some bunny appliqué to at least two corners. I need to make my templates and go from there.

Handpieced Medallion
I started this in June and I don’t think I’ve touched it since then, so it may as well be on the list! I may be without a machine soon anyway so there will be opportunities to finish it up. This is what it currently looks like.

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