Another Husqvarna grumble

I haven’t complained about my machine for at least two months (when it went off to be fixed) and once more the same problems are repeating themselves.

I’ve finished quilting the Left Alone Star and the tension was fab (more on that after I have decent photos). I learned early on not to cone feed for quilting – which is fine for piecing – but that was the only complaint my machine had, except occasionally not cutting the bobbin thread, which I have come to terms with never being 100% right anyway.

This morning I decided to carry on quilting, moving on to my Chandelier quilt and also use my new ruler foot from Westalee. It cost me a small fortune in customs, so I was eager to give it a shot. Following the instructions, I changed the needle, set the height of the foot correctly, lowered my feed dogs, disabled the auto presser foot feature and put it onto floating FMQ mode. I left the thread just how my machine likes it, the brand that it prefers and everything. Not a stitch could be made. I’ve always found this mode to be terrible and so switched over to my reliable hopping FMQ mode.

The tension was awful. The stitches were skipping and it looked like a repeat of the previous tension issue it went into the shop for. I tried rethreading it. Nope. I then made a small quilt sandwich and worked my way up from the 4.6 standard tension all the way to the maximum 9.8. I even tried lowering the foot a little more that the guide recommends.

It looked a lot better but still some stitches were being skipped.

So now I need to unpick this sort of pizza slice I made and go for standard straight line quilting I think. I’ll have to leave the trial and error for another time, maybe for when my machine is fresh out of the shop again, or maybe when I get that new machine once we move. I can tell you though that the motion and control of quilting with rulers is bloody fantastic, I know I will be a fan, even if my machine isn’t!

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