Quilt top adoption

In my quest to clear out the majority of my life’s collection of “stuff” it’s time to hit the WIP drawer. I have the following quilt tops and blocks which I would love to give away for free to someone who can put them to good use, for charity donations, etc. I’d prefer to post in the UK to keep my costs down so UK residents will be given priority, and I will be posting the slowest, cheapest method I can.

As long as you will love these projects more than I do, or they will be used for a good cause, they’re yours. I’m being ruthless and trying not to be sentimental- quite hard when it comes to bees, gifts and swaps!

To claim any of these, leave me a comment on this post or email me: kerryATpenny-dog.co.uk.



Gwen can be included as we’re looking for a home for her too….

First up I have this top made from Popular Patchwork forum row by row swap members. My selected colours were black background and rainbow blocks. It measures 62″ x 64″.


I also have these from the same forum, some 12″ blocks made entirely from solids. I never did receive my 12th one which is why there are only 11. These blocks are 12″. I will also throw in these 10 6″ “hug hearts” which were sent to me for my wedding by the same group of generous ladies!


Next up is this bee top (more pics here). It’s from the UK Borders Agency bee I set up a few years ago and all rounds were made by lovely ladies I am still (mostly) in touch with today. This top has sat untouched for two years. I’m going to give first dibs to my bee mates. It’s huge, it measures 76″ x 66″.

Last is another bee top, this was from Free Two Bee- the Around the Bend and Across the Pond bee from 2013 also. It’s a bit smaller this one (52″ x 43″) and in pastels. I also have a signature block for the back which will be sent with it (if I find it). The diamond blocks in particular are beautiful but I was restrained enough not to rip them out for myself!

I hope something here catches your eye!

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