Pets on Quilts Judging

The judging is open for Pets on Quilts if I can gently nudge you that way? My entries are Hank, Frankly for the animal themed quilt (#2) and Hank himself for the dog on quilt (#44). I have of course voted for other people rather than myself being the sporting person that I am *cough* and would urge you to vote for the ones you like best in all four categories (the others being other pet on quilt and cat on quilt), obviously I will graciously accept any votes you want to give Hank.

He is being a very good boy, yesterday was the first time that he has been left on his own for an entire work day (intentionally- Alex once slept until I got home from work) as our dog walker lady is on holiday. With Alex on 24 hour rotating shifts it doesn’t happen too often that we need her nowadays anyway. Hank is having another go at it today. Those who saw my post on IG earlier in the week will know that Gwen isn’t even here to keep him company at the moment. She’s on a trial run with a family who may adopt her when we move… we get her back tomorrow though!

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