I wanted to be a journalist

When I was a kid, after I went through the initial nurse phase that all five-year-old girls- even squeamish ones like me- went through and before the “I want to be a lorry driver and work alone away from people” phase, I wanted to be a journalist. I signed up for the Newsround Press Pack (many real journalists started this way, does it still exist?) and promptly wrote absolutely nothing. However, I knew I wanted to write when I grew up, I just didn’t know how to find a story.

I guess I’m sort of almost there now in a very loose sense. On Friday, the latest issue of Popular Patchwork came out, edited by the new and wonderful Liz, and inside is my article on postmodern quilters. I have another article coming up as you may have read this weekend, which will be about quilt trends and in between that is one on Instagram swaps. I’m now wracking my brain for further topics to examine. I am definitely not a quilt historian, though I am going to do a bit more reading and research into it, I’m more into quilting sociology I suppose. I’m interested in why quilters do what they do and reporting the latest news, looking at patterns in behaviour and how we communicate. I guess that’s a kind of journalism. I’ve previously written about the East Midlands Modern Quilt Group too.

If you would like to read my article on postmodern quilts and quilters (which was inspired by #QuiltconReject earlier in the year) then Popular Patchwork is in UK stores now (and digitally available too). I’m a firm believer in readable content in quilting magazines, I can’t sit down with a cup of tea and read a pattern… well I could but it would be dull. Whilst having a flick through just looking at pictures of what I could make is great initially, the features are the most interesting and the most important for me, and I’m hoping there’s an audience that feels the same.

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