I’ve got a bag on!

That’s a Leicestershire (or specifically Coalville? Not sure) expression for being grumpy and in a bad mood, however I’m actually not (and the phrase makes me smile anyway!), because I’m joining in with the Companion Bag Sew Along with Happy Okapi! I have had the Mrs H pattern a while and I’ve been pondering it, going as far as buying the frames and handles, then I sort of moved on to other things. Suddenly a sew along started up and so it gave me a kick up the bum to make my bags.

Yep bags– I’m making two of the smaller ones. Here is the pattern, it costs just a fiver (pic links through to the shop to buy it):

Pooch would not go away, this is the only shot I got without him stood on the bag pieces- I think he just poses overtime I get a camera or phone out, he’s such a dork

Bag 2

The first sew along post is here and it started yesterday for the next three weeks – plus another three to finish up – if you fancy joining in too. Samantha’s patterns are always easy to follow- I can vouch for that, and you won’t need the frames until later so you can get started right away.

The frames go inside channels making it look very professional, and they can be purchased from Bobbin Girl or Emmaline Bags or 3DAN Supplies on Etsy. It’s the frame design that made me need to have a go at this.

I’ve also made a little detail from plastic flowers to go on the front of the bag that will use the Melody Miller vintage flower fabric. Actually I made it 10 weeks ago according to Instagram, but I didn’t know what bag I was going to use it on before. The solid red front pocket should make it stand out!

Next job is to cut out a gusset fabric and do the interfacing etc. I also didn’t want to use up valuable outer fabric inside the pocket where it wouldn’t be seen, so I’ve modified my pattern, here’s how if you want to do the same.

I printed the main template twice.

I overlaid the pocket on top of one of the body templates and marked where the pocket met. I then measured 1 1/2″ down from this line and drew across. This line is roughly where the outer fabric stops and the inside pocket fabric will start. Measure 1/4″ below the line. This adds a seam allowance to the top piece.

 Cut along this new line.

To add a seam allowance to the bottom piece, we need to add 1/2″- this makes up for the 1/4″ we just loaned to the top and also a standard 1/4″ seam allowance. Stick a strip of surplus paper to the top of the template, draw the continuation of the side lines and also draw a 1/2″ line from the edge of the original piece. Cut out.

Your required pieces to cut are now different. You only need to cut one outer and one interfacing for the full bag body piece, plus one interfacing and one outer for each of your new two templates. Your pocket remains unchanged. Make sure when you cut out your pattern pieces that the straight edge of the pattern is aligned to a fold on the fabric. Apply your interfacing before you stitch your new top and bottom back together, then apply other stabilisers as normal.

Do let me know if you are following along each week! Full info on the sew along here including how to match up the fabric pattern so it’s seamless between outer and pocket. I opted not to do that on the BasicGrey one because it has a large repeat and I was trying to use as little fabric as possible, but it does look awesome when it’s done. I just ordered another frame and handles because I already want to make a third with the cool Nomad print I brought back from holiday!

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