Crazy mad Etsy sale

I’m having a crazy mad Etsy sale because…
*announcement bugle*
…we are emigrating to Alberta, Canada 🙂 Now my family know, the only people that don’t is work, and I don’t think anyone there is anyone there remotely interested in my past times so I think I’m safe to share that with you now.

We haven’t set a date (hence not telling work), but by Spring next year is the target, and as soon as we possibly can. So we can be plane ready at any time we are having a huge clear out at home, which means my Etsy shop too.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 15.13.44

Prices are half price or less for this limited time only. I’m incredibly aware that the stupid prices on these things will devalue the market if I’m not careful, and I have a whole lot of respect for crafters and their deserving of a fair wage, so once it’s gone it’s gone. Also I’m probably making a loss too! But things need to go and so an attractive price point it shall be.

Then when we set up our new home I’m back to fair market pricing again.

Please take a look, tell your friends!

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