Q3 – Lets do this. (Finish Along Goals)

Time to get real and deal with this stuff. In light of our big move, we’ve had to declare what we are taking with us for customs purposes well in advance (like last week when we officially activated our status on holiday even though we’re here for some time yet). I have formally declared these quilts as finished and coming with us, so they must be finished for the customs lady/man to check off the checklist. My goods to follow list is basically Hank, some quilts and cushion covers (I’ll repurchase inserts out there), a couple of binders of magazines, excess clothes and fabric. Predictable?!

So my list is….

 Log cabins- I’ve made some good progress on this recently and I am nearly halfway through making the blocks. I plan to quilt this in four sections and then join together as it will be big! I want this one for our bed in our new house.

 Hello Chevron. I’m planning on gifting this one. I need to suck up and get on with these HSTs.

 Shine Bright is a new entry, I want to finish this one soon and roll out the pattern.

 Baby Jane quilt – I’ll probably gift this one too.

 A FAL list would not be complete without the Left Alone Star. Still needs just as much quilting to happen as before. I want to bring this one with me too but it’s still full of pins waiting for quilting! I want this one for a sofa quilt in our new house. I plan to be a bit more experimental quilting this one. FINISHED!

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